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MISSION Act Strengthens VA Care

The MISSION Act gives Veterans greater access to health care in VA facilities and the community, expands benefits for caregivers, and improves VA’s ability to recruit and retain the best medical providers.

Expanding Benefits for Caregivers

As part of the VA MISSION Act, we’re giving more family caregivers access to the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers so we can support them as they care for Veterans of all eras.

VA began accepting applications October 1, 2020, in 2 phases:

  • First, family caregivers of Veterans who were seriously injured in the line of duty on or before May 7, 1975, will become eligible for this program.
  • After 2 years, family caregivers of Veterans who were seriously injured in the line of duty between May 7, 1975, and September 10, 2001, will become eligible.

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General Support Services

Currently, caregivers of Veterans from all eras may be eligible for training, education, respite care services, the Caregiver Support Line, self-care courses, and other services. We provide general support for caregivers of any enrolled Veteran, regardless of how or when they were injured.

Comprehensive Assistance

In addition to general support, caregivers in our Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers may receive a monthly stipend, beneficiary travel, mental health counseling, enhanced respite services, and other benefits.

How to Access VA Health Care

Eligible Veterans can use VA health care services nationwide, including through mobile health clinics that serve rural areas and via telehealth (care through a phone or computer). Note: You need to be enrolled in VA health care to use community care benefits. For general MISSION Act health care inquiries, contact VA411 (1-800-698-2411).

  • Not enrolled in VA health care yet?

    To receive care from VA or a community provider, you must be enrolled in VA health care. Apply online, by mail, or in person.

  • Find VA medical centers or community care providers

    Find a VA medical center or approved non-VA medical (called “community care”) providers near you. Get wait times, addresses, and more.

  • When can you use non-VA providers?

    It depends on the situation. Learn about the eligibility criteria for expanded community care, under the MISSION Act

Community Care Changes

Under the MISSION Act, you’ll have more ways to access health care. This includes within VA’s network and through approved non-VA medical providers in your community, called “community care providers. Depending on your situation—for example, if a certain type of health service isn’t provided by VA—you may be able to go to a non-VA provider, using your VA coverage.

  • Making appointments with non-VA providers

    To obtain community care, you must receive prior approval from VA.

  • Urgent and Walk-in Care

    Your VA health care includes new urgent care access through a network of walk-in retail health clinics and urgent care facilities.

  • How copays and insurance work with VA?

    The MISSION Act improves information sharing with community providers.

Changes to Health Information Sharing

Beginning in April 2020, Veterans will no longer be required to provide signed, written authorization for VA to release electronic health information to community providers for the purposes of receiving medical treatment. VA only shares Veteran health information with a specific community provider when a Veteran is seeking medical care from that provider.

Indian Health Service and Tribal Health Programs

You can use VA health care benefits along with your Indian Health Service or Tribal Health plans. To learn more, contact your nearest VA medical center or visit Indian Health Service and Tribal Health Program (IHS/THP).

In addition to increasing access to VA care, the MISSION Act:

  • Strengthens VA’s ability to recruit and retain the best medical providers. Learn about careers with VA.
  • Strengthens VA’s ability to align its footprint with the needs of America’s Veterans.

MISSION Act Regulations in Action

The following documents relate to changes implemented as a result of the MISSION Act.


  • Veterans Healing Veterans Medical Access and Scholarship Program

    This rule establishes a pilot program to provide funding for the medical education of eligible veterans who are enrolled in covered medical schools.
    Effective Date: December 13, 2019

    Learn More : Veterans Healing Veterans | Federal Register

For general MISSION Act health care inquiries, contact 800-698-2411

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